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NEW FEATURE - Aggregated Reports

Reports feature allows you to quickly get insights in your macro strategy and easily identify po...
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New postflop spots - Tournament pack

 We've just added the following postflop spots to the Tournament pack: 8-max 25bb bb-ante :   SRP...
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NEW FEATURE - Personalized courses

  🚀 A NEW feature has been added to the GTO Live! Trainer!    Personalized preflop and postflop c...
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Upgrades to Online Viewer and GTO Trainer

Upgrade to our Simple Viewer - same price, more ranges We've added vs 4bet and vs 5bet strategies...
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New preflop solutions and postflop spots

We've added new spots for the following solutions: Preflop • NLHE Cash 6-max 100bb GG 5k • NLHE C...
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NEW FEATURE - GTO Live! Trainer

We have just added a study mode to our GTO trainer! 🔥 With the study mode on the strategy review...
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To limp or not to limp?

Hot off the press - we have released MTT 8-max 15bb, 20bb and 25bb no limp solutions. These new s...
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Save 50% on preflop sims!

Subscribers save 50% on downloadable preflop sims All RangeConverter Range Reg and Range Pro subs...
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The Range Converter returns

We're pleased to announce that our eponymous range conversion function has now returned to the we...
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Online Viewer updates

You can now easily highlight the combos of each action at the click of a button:  [Image]   Try i...
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RangeConverter in action - GTO Check series

Watch the GTO Check video series where we use RangeConverter ranges to assess whether big plays w...
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Changes for existing RangeConverter customers

 RangeConverter has been growing and evolving for you and thanks to you - our subscribers. We al...
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