Mastering the Poker Grind: A Quick Guide to Discipline, Strategy, and Success in 2024

How's the grind going in 2024?
We hope that it's off to a strong start! Here's a few tips to keep the ball rolling.

How to maintain discipline in poker training

By maintaining consistent effort and keeping the engine running smoothly, momentum will grow. You'll find flow state more often and A-game play will come more frequently.

A structured approach to continuous iterative improvement can be achieved through effective feedback loops, comprising:

  •   1. Preparation (set goals, plan, learn)
  •   2. Execution (implement, record)
  •   3. Review & Refine (measure, evaluate, reflect)
  •   4. Back to step 1 (feed results from step 3 back into the loop)

Central to this cycle is the mindset of discipline, persistence, and trust in the process you've set for yourself.

You can use this process loop to improve any aspect of your game. Whatever skill you need to level up, be it technical skill, leak fixing, mental game, or professionalism.

How to create a routine checklist and set yourself up for success 

Get the pen and paper out, and work through the steps! 

If you're currently not doing so well, then there is lots of scope to improve!

Work on patching leaks, improving B and C-game, mental game, productivity, bankroll management, goal setting and developing more solid skill sets.

If you're doing well, that's great! Keep up the focus and push the envelope.

Learn to replicate this level of performance or progress more consistently, or form a strategy to raise the bar even higher!

Remember, it is +EV when you consistently do better than your opponents in the key areas relevant to your domain. Over time, it can add up to a significant edge.

How's your checklist for success looking?

  • Health (sleep, diet, exercise, mindset)
  • Study Routine (theory, warm up, cool down, review)
  • Professionalism (game selection, BR management, productivity, volume)

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For the other aspects, there’s Discord. Join us there to share insights, ask questions, and connect with other players dedicated to raising their game.

Let's crush 2024!

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