Solution Library Updates

New solutions have been added to our solution library recently and more are coming soon!

8max MTT postflop

25 new postflop spots for 8max MTT 60bb and 80bb available in Range Pro online range viewer as well as Range Reg GTO trainer:

MTT 60bb:

UTG+1 vs BTN (SRP & 3BP)
UTG+1 vs SB (SRP & 3BP)
UTG+1 vs BB (SRP & 3BP)
MP vs BTN (SRP & 3BP)
MP vs SB (SRP & 3BP)
MP vs BB (SRP & 3BP)

80bb MTT:

UTG1 vs BTN (SRP & 3BP)
UTG1 vs SB (SRP & 3BP)
UTG1 vs BB (SRP & 3BP)
MP vs SB (SRP)
MP vs BB (SRP)
CO vs BB (SRP & 3BP)
CO vs SB (SRP & 3BP)

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Short Deck

Preflop charts and ranges available in the online range viewer and GTO poker trainer:

8max 100a
3max 75a
9max 100a - including 9way limped spots!
3max 60a
4max 60a
5max 60a
6max 60a
64 preflop GG short deck sims- yes, we have solved all the GG Short Deck games.  

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6max 100bb 2.2x open - Pokerstars NL2k rake
This preflop solution is available in Cash Range Reg and Pro subscription plans.

New preflop and postflop solves have been added to the Range Converter Solution Library

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Spin&Go and Hyper Turbo subscription now costs only $17 or $33 per month when paid annually and $29 or $49 when paid monthly.  

Spin&Go price reduction!
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