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Poker players have trained over 2,848,631 hands and viewed over 6,649,657 poker hand charts with RangeConverter. Join them today!

RangeConverter is an online platform that teaches you optimal poker strategy using advanced poker training and poker hand charts for every spot.

Unlock your poker potential. Whatever your game, we've got you covered.
  • Discover optimal poker strategy and insights for every spot using our Online Range Viewer.
  • Train preflop ranges, postflop strategy, and fix your leaks with our GTO Poker Trainer.
  • All game types: NLHE Cash, Straddle, Spins, Hypers, PLO, PLO5, Short Deck / 6plus, MTT, and ICM ranges.
  • Create a solid game plan from preflop to river and crush the games.
  • Preflop ranges can be downloaded for Cash, MTT and Spin & Go solutions for offline use in PioSolver and MonkerSolver, starting from only $99.


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  • Full Range Viewer for 15bb Heads-up ranges
  • Full GTO Poker Trainer for 15bb Heads-up
  • GTO Poker Trainer demo for every sim
  • Preflop downloads for $198 or $398


$ 33/month

Billed Annually

or $49/mo billed monthly

  • Everything in Free
  • Full GTO Poker Trainer access
  • Preflop & postflop key skills courses
  • Full preflop hand charts in the Range Viewer
  • Preflop strategy-react
  • Visualize preflop strategy changes by position & stack
  • Quick switch between Range Viewer & GTO Poker Trainer
  • 50% discount on preflop sim downloads


$ 67/month

Billed Annually

or $99/mo billed monthly

  • Everything in Reg
  • Full postflop strategy in the Range Viewer (22,100 flops. 7,140 for SD)
  • Postflop strategy-react
  • Aggregated reports + graphs
  • Filter postflop strategy by suit
  • Range composition for every spot
  • EVs, EQs & EQr for every spot
  • Player vs player comparison for every spot
  • Turn & River strategy graphs & heat maps
How you'll learn
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Range Pro
Range Pro
Range Reg
Range Reg
Where you’ll learn
We offer three main components to help you crush the games: Lobby, Range Viewer, and GTO Trainer access.
GTO Poker Trainer
  • Preflop and postflop range trainer for all skill levels.
  • Learn GTO strategy to crush at your game type.
  • Get instant feedback on your play with range charts and frequencies for every spot.
  • Perfect your game plan with poker practice vs computer. Fix your leaks and cut down on autopilot.
  • Always know what to work on next with the personalized training courses to improve your game.
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Range Viewer
  • GTO poker strategy at your fingertips. We’ve solved poker so you don’t have to.
  • View complete preflop and postflop poker hand charts for every spot.
  • Discover GTO strategy and patterns to crush your games.
  • Look up any hand and learn GTO ranges, range composition, and EVs in seconds.
  • Poker simulator for preflop, flop, turn, and river. Available on mobile or web, 24/7.
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  • View and train poker strategy for any GTO solution in the game type of your choice.
  • All game types covered: NLHE Cash, MTT, ICM, Spins, PLO, PLO5, Short Deck / 6plus and Straddle solutions of the highest accuracy.
  • Opening ranges, 3bet, 4bet, 5bet, multiway and heads-up defense ranges, squeezing ranges – the most complete preflop and postflop poker ranges available.
  • Preflop ranges can be downloaded for Cash, MTT and Spin & Go sims for offline use in your favourite poker solver, starting from only $99.
  • Best in the market: over 500 preflop solutions, over 1.2m flops solved, and over 100k solver hours producing high accuracy ranges using poker solvers.
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