Pot Limit Omaha and 5 card PLO Range Viewer and GTO Poker Trainer

Range Reg PLO & PLO5:
Study optimal 4 card and 5 card Omaha strategy and train GTO ranges

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Range Reg PLO


Billed Annually

or $49/mo billed monthly

  • Full 4 and 5 card Omaha Poker Trainer access
  • Personalized training with preflop strategy courses
  • Preflop ranges for every spot in the Range Viewer
  • Visualize how preflop strategy changes by position & stack depth
  • Quick switch between study in the Range Viewer and practice in the GTO Poker Trainer
  • Variety of GTO PLO and PL05 solutions
  • Learn pot limit Omaha strategy for HU, 4max and 6max games
  • Practice your PLO strategy risk free at stack sizes from 20bb to 100bb deep
GTO Poker Trainer
  • Personalized preflop courses for you to train all the key skills required to master PLO and PLO5 preflop play
  • Face a balanced selection of spots, where more important skills are trained more often
  • The AI coach adapts the course according to your strengths and weaknesses, focusing your Omaha training where you need to improve the most
  • Giving you a customized course where the more you train, the better your training becomes
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Range Viewer
  • GTO PLO and PLO5 strategy at your fingertips. We’ve solved poker so you don’t have to
  • View preflop ranges for every spot
  • Filter hands using the burst chart for more focused analysis, and view strategy for certain actions, hand groups, or connectedness categories only
  • Discover what solid preflop pot limit Omaha strategy looks like. And how it all fits together
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Which subscription is right for me?

Whether you play pot limit Omaha for real money or just want to learn the game, RangeConverter's PLO & PLO5 Reg subscription will give you the tools to develop a solid base and level up your game.

Featuring a variety of preflop GTO solutions, learning these Omaha poker ranges will give you a big edge at the tables.

Learn PLO and PLO5 hand charts and study strategy in the Range Viewer.
Practice poker vs computer in the GTO Trainer, and eliminate leaks before they become costly mistakes.

You can download the PLO preflop sims for offline use at half price!
All the 4 card PLO preflop ranges are available for every solution to view in MonkerSolver, starting from only $99.

What Plo ranges do you have?

There are solutions for heads up and 6max PLO games at 40bb and 100bb.
HU, 4max and 6max PLO5 solutions for 20bb, 40bb and 100bb.
All available in one subscription!

See the table below for the full list of GTO Omaha solutions that come with your Reg subscription.

  • PLO includes ALL of the following:
      Solutions Players Stack Postflop (Pro) Reg
      6max 40bb PLO 1.5bb rake 6 40
      6max 20bb 5c PLO 6 20
      4max PLO5 40bb 0.5bb Rake 4 40
      HU 100bb PLO 5c No Limp 1bb Rake 2 100
      HU 100bb PLO 5c w Limp 1bb Rake 2 100
      HU 100bb PLO5 No Limp 0.5bb rake 2 100
      HU 100bb PLO5 w Limp 0.5bb rake 2 100
      HU 100bb PLO w Limp 2 100
      HU 40bb PLO 5c w Limp 0.5bb rake 2 40
      HU 40bb PLO w Limp 2 40
      HU 40bb 5c PLO 2 40