New PKO MTT preflop solutions


The big news this month is the addition of 132 preflop solutions for Progressive Knockout Bounty Tournaments: 

  • - Average stack depth ranging from 15bb to 300bb
  • - Multiple tournament phases covered
  • - Variety of bounty distributions


Why are the PKO solutions important?

The bounties heavily change your optimal strategy in a tournament. These solutions will help you adjust your play as the bounties increase, so you know when to widen up to hunt or... when to tighten up because others will hunt you!

What PKO tournament phases are covered?

  • - Final Table
  • - Final 3 tables
  • - Final 4 tables
  • - 25%, 37.5%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of the field remaining
Learning the ranges for the different phases of the progressive knockout poker tournament is crucial as the relative value of a bounty changes as the game goes on and also ICM starts to play a role.

These new solutions are INCLUDED in MTT Range Pro, at NO additional cost!

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When you sign up, you'll get:

  • 8-max Chip EV pre & postflop for 10-200bb
  • Heads-up pre & postflop for 10-100bb
  • ICM solutions

All available in the GTO Poker Trainer & Online Range Viewer!

PKO solutions are available in MTT Range Pro at no additional cost!
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