New NLHE Cash sims and faster GTO Viewer & Trainer

New arrivals in the NLHE Cash library!

  • NLHE Cash 6 max 500bb

  • This super deep 6 max (no rake) sim is available in Range Pro NLHE Cash subscription. It has calls from every position, including cold call of 3-bet.
You can check out the detailed sizing in the lobby.

Raked Straddle Games

The following preflop straddle sims have been added to the App Games section of the NLHE Cash library:

  • 8 max 200strd sb Ante - Rake 5% 2bb cap
  • 8 max 200strd - Rake 5% 2bb cap
  • 8 max 100strd strd Ante - Rake 5% 2bb cap
  • 8 max 100strd sb Ante - Rake 5% 2bb cap
  • 8 max 100strd - Rake 5% 2bb cap
  • 8 max 50strd sb ante - Rake 5% 2bb cap

All these preflop sims are available in the Range Viewer and GTO Poker Trainer as well as downloadable ranges for PioSOLVER and MonkerViewer.

⚡️ Speed improvements and PLO GTO trainer adjustments 🛠️

There have been some infrastructure changes behind the scenes. 
You should notice a significant speed up in the preflop range viewer and GTO trainer apps, particularly for preflop action.
The PLO trainer has also had some tweaks. You are now going to be dealt a better selection of hands: no trash, meaning less easy folds and more hands with a decision to make.

New 8-max straddle sims in the NLHE Cash library
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