New preflop solutions and postflop spots

We've added new spots for the following solutions:


  • NLHE Cash 6-max 100bb GG 5k
  • NLHE Cash 6-max 100bb 500z 2.2x

  • MTT 8-max no limp 27.5bb
  • MTT 8-max 30bb

  • Shortdeck 6-max 200a 


  • NLHE Cash 3-max 100bb 500z

  • MTT 8-max 20bb
  • MTT 8-max 30bb
  • MTT 8-max 40bb

  • Shortdeck 4-max 50a - 3-way limp pot UTG CO BTN
  • Shortdeck HU 30a
  • Shortdeck HU 40a
  • Shortdeck HU 60a
  • Shortdeck HU 80a