Changes for existing RangeConverter customers

 RangeConverter has been growing and evolving for you and thanks to you - our subscribers.

We always aim to provide you with more for less, so we are happy to announce that we will be launching a new look website and simpler subscription options.

New look website and lobby
RangeConverter is switching to a new look site - making it easier for you to train and view your sims. Simply log in and click the avatar in the top right corner to get to your lobby and access your sims. 

RangeConverter GTO trainer

We have also created a tutorial video to guide you around the new look trainer if you haven’t used it before. 

Changes to pre-existing plans and your monthly billing 
If you’re an existing user on a pre-existing plan, here are the changes you can expect:

- Preflop and postflop
online range viewer users-

If you are a current preflop and postflop online viewer user, you will be switched to Range Pro (Cash, MTT, PLO4/PLO5, Short Deck, or Spins & Hypers) for the remainder of your subscription period for free. Your current subscription will simply offer you more than before.
For example, if you have an 8-max MTT Preflop + Postflop pack, you will get access to the entire MTT solution collection. You will be able to view all the stack depths for 8-max and HU MTT preflop and postflop, you’ll get access to ICM sims and all tournament solutions, as well as having access to our GTO Live! Trainer for all these solutions!
As for the changes in billing, if your current subscription costs more than the Range Pro plan ($99/mo or $799/yr), your next auto renewal bill will be lowered to the value of the Range Pro plan. This way, you will be getting much more for significantly less. 
If your current subscription is cheaper than the Range Pro plan, it won’t be renewed automatically.

Contact us if you have different game type subscriptions and we will advise you on the most suitable subscription plan.

- Preflop only online viewer users -

If you are subscribing to preflop online viewer solutions and do not want anything to change, don’t worry. Your subscription will continue the way it is. ✔

Check out the Range Pro plan if you want access to the complete set of studying and training resources.

- GTO poker trainer users -

If you’re subscribed to a bundle pack, you’ll continue to have access to the trainer and be automatically upgraded to our Range Pro plan. This means you’ll get more trainer packs to train with and you’ll gain access to the full online viewer for the same price as you’ve been paying.
If you’re subscribed to one or multiple individual training packs and don’t want anything to change, your subscription can continue the way it is. However, if you feel like investing more in your game by getting access to our simple online viewer and library access to all preflop and postflop solutions, you may be interested in our Range Reg plan.
Contact us if you have different game type subscriptions and we will advise you on the most suitable subscription plan.

- Free Online Viewer users -

Those of you who have been with us from the very beginning will be able to continue accessing your sims in the Online Viewer via the newly designed RangeConverter lobby for the first three months.After this time, you’ll be asked to choose from one of the following options:
a) Subscribe to one of our new plans - they offer great value and are ideal for regular training and improving your game.
Range Reg - suitable for you if you’re mainly interested in key poker skills training and are already using the GTO Live! Trainer. At just $49/mo or $399/yr, you will get access to a simple online viewer to view ranges, access to the trainer to test your skills using pathways, and library access to all preflop and postflop solutions for your chosen game type.
Range Pro - suitable for you if you’re more interested in browsing full ranges and studying strategies. At just $99/mo or $799/yr, it has all the components of our Range Reg plan PLUS full access to all the functionalities of the online range viewer (as you already know it) and additionally you’ll get access to the GTO poker trainer.
b) If you’re not interested in subscribing to one of our new plans, you can request your ranges to be sent to you either as PioSOLVER ranges or PioSOLVER charts. We will then be discontinuing access to the online viewer for these ranges.  


So there’s our big news for the year! We hope these new options make it easier and more intuitive for you to use RangeConverter products. 🙃
If you have any questions, please contact us at  
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