Online Strategy Viewer tutorial

Welcome to the Online Viewer tutorial!

This short walk-through will cover each of the features and controls, so you get the most out of your viewer sessions.

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Ready? Let’s begin!


Click the tick-box to toggle making the square sizes proportional to the weight of the combo in the range.

Click the tick-box to toggle displaying bet sizes as a % or in big blinds.

Use the drop down menu to round the strategy displayed to the nearest 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% (pure strategy).
Useful when studying to memorize a strategy with a lot of mixing.

Customize colours for range text and for fold, check/call and betting actions.


Game tree view

Use the tree to navigate and see the path through the game tree.

Click on an action in any node of the tree to view the strategy for the next player.

Click at the top of any of the nodes and move quickly between decision points to revisit strategy without losing your place in the tree.

game-tree-view.png 17.4 KB

 Current sim and sim select

Just below the game tree on the left side you will see the sim that is currently being viewed. Click here to load another sim from the same sim group, e.g. another stack depth.

Preflop quick select

Use the Preflop tab to quickly navigate to common preflop spots.
Select the spot type, hero and villain positions to load the strategy and ranges of the active players in the hand.

preflop-quick-select.png 64.4 KB

Postflop quick select (Range Pro only)

Use the Postflop tab to quickly navigate to a postflop spot from the flop onwards.
Select the spot type and specific spot, then choose a flop to view strategy and navigate further through the hand. 

Reports (Range Pro only)

Reports are filterable aggregated solver strategy reports available for every postflop spot.
Click the Reports tab and choose a postflop spot to view macro strategy for all flops at once.

reports-web.png 324 KB

You can view the highest & lowest % bet flops, the highest and lowest EQ boards for IP and OOP and filter by board type or cards to see how optimal strategy fits together in the bigger picture.

Change board/runouts (Range Pro only)

To change the runout postflop, simply click on the board card(s) for that street and select another.
The strategy will automatically update for that position in the tree.

Previous action ranges

The yellow mini grids show the ranges for the previous two actions of active players in the hand. Hover over a combo to see combo EV, weight and strategy values. The mini grids are a useful visual in combination with the main Strategy view when studying to understand range vs range interactions.

Range text

This field shows the range from the mini grid above in text format.
You can copy the text and paste it in another solver or range viewing app.


Strategy charts, breakdown and trainer integration

Strategy view

This tab is the default view. It shows the strategy for the active player in the hand at that point in the game tree.

Combo view

In Strategy view, hover over any combo in the grid to see a breakdown of each suited combination.
It shows the action, frequency and EV for every possibility of suited combo.


Breakdown (Range Pro only)

The Breakdown tab shows the range composition in terms of hand strength grouping.

It also shows the action frequencies for each group, along with the total number of combos and % of the range that group makes up.

All players

With the All players tab, you can view every active player's strategy for a specific spot at the same time.
Just click on the All players tab to see what each player in the hand should do.

Learn how position changes strategy by seeing it all in one place.

All stacks

All stacks tab shows you what your strategy should be at every stack size when facing an action. With this feature you can easily learn how stack size changes strategy. You can see it all in one place and in one click.

Trainer performance

See your trainer performance for the corresponding spot, helping you track your progress and identify potential weak areas in your game as you study.

Click on the badge to train that key skills course or specific node (if no course exists for that spot).

Drill spot

All the Online Viewer sims are integrated with GTO Live! Trainer. The Drill spot tab will load the spot you are viewing in the GTO Live! Trainer, facing the decision of the active player.
You can quickly set up any custom drill by navigating to a spot in the viewer and then pressing Drill spot to train that spot. You can also set custom drills in the GTO Live! Trainer.

Share hand 
Press the Share icon to copy a link to the exact spot to share with your friends or coach. 


Strategy view preferences

Range frequencies

The legend under the strategy grid shows what actions the colors represent in the grid.
It also shows the overall frequency of actions for the range.

Strategy/EV/EQ view (Range Pro only)

Press the buttons here to color the range in the strategy grid according to EV and EQ values.

You can quickly switch between IP and OOP in one click.
Useful to visualize and compare range advantage between players as the hand progresses postflop.

Strategy view preferences

You can make the square sizes in the strategy chart be proportional to the weight of the combo in the range. Just click the tick-box.

Bet sizes can be displayed as % of the pot or in big blinds. Click the tick-box to toggle displaying bet sizes as a % or in big blinds. The change will take effect from the next request or after clicking the refresh icon.

Click the radio buttons to round the strategy displayed to the nearest 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% (pure strategy).
Strategy rounding is useful when memorizing a strategy with a lot of mixing.

That's it! 

Congratulations! You've made it to the end of the walk-through. Now you know everything about the Online Viewer and you're ready to study and level up your game!
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