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I've seen similar solutions elsewhere, what's the difference?

Our preflop solutions maximize the size of the game tree and the amount of RAM taken to solve, as this is the largest contributing factor to the quality. Unlike other websites we do not cut players from the tree. All our game trees have all advertised actions for each player in the sim. We do not use low accuracy settings to save RAM either. We run the simulations on 512gb servers and use the highest accuracy settings for each individual tree in order to provide you with the best GTO ranges.

Do I need any expensive software to run these solutions?

Only a web browser is required to browse our online solutions in the Online Viewer.  MonkerSolver ranges,  PioSOLVER preflop ranges and strategy charts are available for download* in the Lobby from only $99.  Once downloaded, they can be viewed for free in MonkerViewer and PioViewer.  

* NLHE Cash, Tournaments, PLO, Spins.

Can I view the solutions on my laptop or a smartphone?

All preflop ranges and charts can be viewed on any laptop with only 1gb of RAM.

Active subscribers can browse the ranges and strategy charts in the Online Viewer  as well as play against optimal bots using the Range Converter GTO poker trainerBoth viewer and trainer are available on PC and mobile - you will only need an internet browser*.

*For best results, we recommend using Chrome and Firefox.

How accurate are these preflop solutions?

These solutions are monitored until all ranges have converged, meaning that when the ranges for each decision point stop changing, the solution is ready.
We use the highest accuracy settings and create complete game trees without taking shortcuts. We're not here to build the cheapest possible solution, we're here for the best possible solution.

For more information on MonkerSolver accuracy see MonkerSolver compare.


What sizings were solved for in these solutions?

You can see all available solutions and their specifications in the Lobby.  Click "More Info" to view the sizing solved for and game tree details. 

Was rake taken into account in these solutions?

You can find rake structure information (% and cap) for each individual solution in its description under "More Info" in the Lobby.
We have a set of sims for each of the most popular poker websites e.g. Pokerstars, GGPoker, PartyPoker.
If the poker room you are playing in is not included, you get rakeback or you wish to have a custom sim for your private games, you can request one via email.

Isn't preflop too big to solve? What sorcery is going on here?

That's correct, it is too big for every possible size, but no sorcery is needed. Instead, we solve for realistic opening sizes and responses that add the highest EV to the strategy and remove branches that do not provide much value, yet bloat the overall tree size, such as 100bb limping multiway (non ante), SB cold calling and cold calling 3 bets OOP.

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Don't hesitate to contact us at support@rangeconverter.com if you have any additional questions.

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