I need my preflop ranges converted...

We can convert your preflop MonkerSolver ranges to PioSOLVER preflop ranges. It’s an automated conversion of all branches of your MonkerSolver simulation into text files compatible with PioSOLVER. You don't need to spend hours manually exporting ranges!

We can also generate PioSOLVER preflop strategy charts from your MonkerSolver simulation. All strategies for each individual spot will be combined into preflop charts for easier navigation.

If you are not sure about the difference between preflop ranges and preflop charts, please read Preflop ranges vs preflop strategy charts first.

Conversion price:
Monker to Pio Ranges
Only $0.02 per branch ($20 minimum)

Monker to Pio Strategies (aka preflop charts)
Only $0.03 per strategy output ($20 minimum)

Email us at support@rangeconverter.com to get a quote for your sim.

Preflop ranges and preflop strategy charts

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