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We are the market leaders in GTO ranges and offer the biggest library of sims for you to learn the ranges you require, whatever your game type.

Choose from NLHE Cash, MTT, ICM, Spins, PLO, PLO5, Shortdeck/6+ and Straddle solutions of the highest accuracy.

Library Stats

> 300 preflop solutions
> 700 postflop spots solved
> 1.2M flops
> 100,000 server hours producing ranges

And still growing!

5 Game Types to choose from: Cash, MTT, Shortdeck, PLO/PLO5, Spins/Hypers

- Highest accuracy
  • - Exclusive custom solvers and solutions for Shortdeck and PLO-5.
  • - The most complete preflop & postflop ranges available - opening ranges, 3bet, 4bet, 5bet, multiway and heads up defense ranges, squeezing ranges.

  • Available in multiple formats
  •  - PioSOLVER ranges (for Cash, MTT and Spins)
  •  - PioSOLVER strategy charts  (for Cash, MTT and Spins) 
  •  - MonkerSolver ranges for MonkerViewer  (for Cash, MTT and Spins) 
Complete list of solutions available in the Range Converter Solutions library.

All sims in the library are grouped by game type for convenient access. Click the game type to see the detailed list of the sims included.

Holdem Cash (NLHE) includes:
  • 6-max 10 - 200bb
  • HU 20 - 200bb
  • Cash Ante 3, 4, 6-max
  • 9-max Live Cash
  • 8-max Straddle games
  • 6-max ranges for popular online sites (Pokerstars, GG Poker, Party Poker,  888, iPoker, Winning, Ignition)

NLHE MTT includes:
MTT 8-max 10 - 200bb
  • MTT HU 10 - 100bb
  • ICM 3-max, 4-max and 6-max

Shortdeck includes:

  • HU 10-500a
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-max for 30a to 300a stack depth
  • ICM 3-max & 4-max

Spins & Hypers includes:

  • Spins 3way & HU 8 - 25bb
  • Hypers 12.5 - 25bb

PLO & PLO5 includes:

  • PLO 6-max Cash
  • PLO 6-max Ante Cash
  • PLO HU Cash
  • PLO HU & 6-max MTT
  • PLO5 HU Cash
  • PLO5 6-max Cash

--- New solutions are added regularly. If we don't have your game yet or you are looking for a custom sim, get in touch with us at support@rangeconverter.com. ---

How to access the Range Converter Solutions Library?

It’s really simple! Just sign up at www.rangeconverter.com and log in the user’s Lobby.

In the Lobby you will see all the solutions grouped by game type:

NLHE Cash, Tournaments, Shortdeck, Spins&Hypers and PLO / PLO5.

Click on a game type to view all solutions available for that format together with additional information like sizing solved for, game tree details, ante and rake. 

 You can subscribe to a game type and/or download preflop solutions (for Cash, MTT and Spin & Go game types) from within the Lobby, in a variety of formats for offline study or to run your own sims in your favorite solver.  

Range Reg and Range Pro members can purchase sims starting from only $99 each! Look for the download button in the Lobby after logging in.
Preflop downloads are also available to non subscribers for $198 or $398 each. Go to https://rangeconverter.com/my_lobby, choose a game type and solution, then click on Download Sim to purchase. 

When you subscribe to a game type, you will gain access to the GTO trainer and online viewer for all solutions of that type. You will find your sims under the My Lobby tab.

You can learn more about the user's Lobby and how to purchase and download sims here