No Limit Texas Hold'em GG Poker Heads Up Poker Charts: 100bb

Link to downloadable pdf: GG Poker 200NL HU 100bb GTO Ranges

Learn to play heads up poker in high rake environments with these No Limit Texas Hold'em Heads Up poker charts.
This pdf contains a HU poker hands chart for the most common situations that you will face in game when playing 100bb deep.

This guide provides the heads up poker ranges you need to play solid preflop strategy 100bb deep.
Equip yourself with these NLHE heads up GTO preflop charts and build a solid understanding of optimal preflop ranges.

These are GTO ranges for 200NL at GG Poker, which has a high rake cap - 5% rake, capped at 1.5bb. This rake structure leads to more folding preflop facing a raise.
If you play in lower raked games, check out the PokerStars 500z HU ranges, which are 5% capped at 0.3bb.

How to Use the Heads Up Preflop Range Charts

There are poker charts for the three most common types of preflop situation.

  1. 1 - The Raise First In (RFI) Ranges show which hands to play from the small blind when you are first to act.
  2. 2 - The Facing a Raise (vs RFI) Ranges show which hands to play from the big blind when the small blind raises first in.
  3. 3 - Facing a 3bet (vs 3bet) Ranges show which hands to play from the small blind when you have raised first in and the big blind re-raises you (3bets).

These NLHE Heads Up preflop ranges are simplified versions of the strategy output by GTO poker solvers.
GTO strategy involves a lot of mixing, which means that a particular hand combo may be raised 18% and folded 72%.
Each poker hand chart has been simplified so that the frequency of an action for each hand combo is rounded to the nearest 50%. If you see a hand with a mix of colours, it means you should take one action half the time and the other action half the time. You can either use a randomizer (e.g. one action if high card first, other action if small card first) or base you action on your reads of your opponent, e.g. if they play too tight or too loose.
This makes it easier to learn a solid base strategy and implement in game, without losing too much accuracy.

HU 100bb SB RFI

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