Can I upgrade from Range Reg to Range Pro?

Yes, any time!

Head to My Lobby and click on the game type tab you are subscribed to. Next, choose the subscription period and then click the “Upgrade to Pro” button. You can do that any time and you will only pay a prorated difference between Reg and Pro prices. 

When you upgrade to Range Pro, you’ll gain access to:

- Full postflop strategy viewer (22,100 flops. 7,140 for ShortDeck),
  • - Postflop strategy-react feature,
  • - Aggregated reports and graphs,
  • - Filter postflop strategy by suit,
  • - Range composition for every spot,
  • - EVs, EQs & EQr for every spot,
  • - Player vs player comparison for every spot,
  • - Turn and River strategy graphs and heat maps.

Go to the game type tab to change your subscription plan

Read Range Reg vs Range Pro to find out more about the subscription levels.
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