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25bb Heads-Up Spin N Go Preflop + Postflop Addon

25bb Heads-Up Spin N Go Preflop + Postflop Addon

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Opening RFI/3bet/4bet and defence for 25bb Heads-Up Spin N Go.

Plus instant access to postflop strategy and ranges for over 7000 solutions, covering all 1755 strategically different flops. We ran each flop individually at high accuracy using the solved preflop ranges for each spot to provide you with optimal strategy advice postflop in your browser - instantly!

View full range and strategy breakdown, for each individual combo, as well as aggregate reports including bet/check frequencies, most common sizings, equities and frequencies for each size.

Sizings solved for

BTN All in, SB min or All in. BB 2.7x ISO vs Limp.

Various sizings solved postflop from 25 to 150%.

2-4 sizes per street

All Postflop Ranges Available for:

HU 25bb Spin N Go

SB 2.0bb BB 5.5bb SB Call
SB Call BB 2.7bb SB Call
SB 2.0bb BB Call
SB Call BB Call

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