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8max 50bb MTT PreFlop + PostFlop Addon

8max 50bb MTT PreFlop + PostFlop Addon

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Opening RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet and defence - Heads-Up and multiway spots for 8-Max 50bb MTT.

Plus instant access to instant strategy advice from Piosolver sims - we've ran each flop individually at high accuracy in Piosolver using the solved preflop ranges for each spot to provide you with optimal strategy advice postflop - instantly!

View Bet/check Frequencies, most common sizings, equities and frequencies for each size.

Sizings solved for

Preflop: 2.3bb open, 3BET: 3x IP + callers, 4x OOP, OOP Squeeze 4.5x, IP 4bet 14bb or All in, OOP 4Bet 14.5bb or All in. SB vs BB 3.2bb, BB 8.8bb, SB 4bet All in. SB call, BB 3.5x, SB 11.5bb or All in.

All Postflop Ranges Available for:

8-max 50bb bb-ante

SB 3.22bb BB 8.8bb SB Call
BTN 2.3bb BB 9.18bb BTN Call
UTG 2.3bb BB 9.18bb UTG Call
UTG 2.3bb SB 8.03bb UTG Call
BTN 2.3bb SB 8.03bb BTN Call
CO 2.3bb BTN 6.91bb CO Call
UTG 2.3bb BTN 6.91bb UTG Call
SB Call BB 3.52bb SB Call
SB 3.22bb BB Call
CO 2.3bb BTN Call BB Fold
UTG 2.3bb BTN Call BB Fold
BTN 2.3bb SB Call BB Fold
HJ 2.3bb SB Call BB Fold
UTG 2.3bb SB Call BB Fold
UTG 2.3bb BB Call
HJ 2.3bb BB Call
BTN 2.3bb BB Call
SB Call BB Call

Solver Configuration Details

Postflop: Solved to 0.35-0.5% exploitability.

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