Preflop Ranges

9-max 200bb

Solved Ranges for 9-max 200bb

Opening RFI/3bet/4bet and multiway defence - for 9max 200bb

Sizings solved for

3bb Open, 10bb IP 3bet, 24bb IP 4bet, 55bb IP 5bet, 11bb OOP 3bet, 27bb OOP 4bet, 60bb OOP 5bet.


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Available Formats

Solutions are available as MonkerSolver Saved Run, NEW! Online Viewer, PioSolver Ranges, PioSolver Stategy Charts, MonkerViewer Ranges, Preflop Solution Images

MonkerSolver Saved Run

Fully browsable preflop gametree delivered in Monkersolver .mkr format.

NEW! Online Viewer

Browse the entire preflop gametree from your web browser! View EVs at each decision point, and action frequencies.

PioSolver Ranges

All branches of the gametree exported from MonkerSolver into PioSolver ranges format.

PioSolver Stategy Charts

Strategies converted from Monkersolver into PioSolver preflop charts. Know the correct action to take in every preflop spot with every hand!

MonkerViewer Ranges

Ranges exported from MonkerSolver into a free to view MonkerViewer format.

Preflop Solution Images

Strategies converted from Monkersolver into PNG Images - Know the correct action to take in every preflop spot with every hand, with no software required!