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9-max 150bb

Solved Ranges for 9-max 150bb, as NEW! Online Viewer

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Opening RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet and defence - Heads-Up and multiway spots for 9-Max 150bb NL.

Sizings solved for

3bb Open, 10bb IP 3bet, 24bb IP 4bet, 11bb OOP 3bet, 27bb OOP 4bet.

Gametree details:

Calls from HJ onwards.

Solver Configuration Details

35 I/N, P/M/S Abstraction, 35 Buckets all streets.

Format Information

RangeConverter Online Viewer, containing both Range and Strategy views - instant solutions from your web browser.


Upon receipt of payment, a link to download the solution in your chosen format will be instantly sent to the email provided, and added to your available solutions in 'My Solutions'. A guide for using each of the solutions is available in the Videos section.

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