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4max 50a ShortDeck Postflop (Yearly)

4max 50a ShortDeck Postflop (Yearly)

This product is billed yearly

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Instant access to strategy + ranges solved for multiway ShortDeck Postflop, solved for the following boards: As9s7d, AsAc9d, AsJs8s, AsJs8d, AsJcJd, AsKc9d, AsKcQd, AsTs9d, JsJc8d, KsJsTs, KsJsTd, KsTs8s, QsJsTs, QsJcTd, QsTs7s, Ts9s8c, Ts9c8d

Sizings solved for

33%,66%,100%,200%, All in

All Postflop Ranges Available for:

MP Call HJ Call CO Call BTN Call
MP Call CO Call BTN Call

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