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4-max Sample Solution

Solved Ranges for 4-max Sample Solution, as MonkerSolver Saved Run

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FREE 4-max 10bb 12.5% Ante, all formats of this solution are completely free, simply login and go to "My Solutions" to download.

Gametree details:

All players have the option to limp, min raise or open all-in, vs a raise each player can call, or 3bet all-in. Postflop sizings are 33% and all in.

Solver Configuration Details

20 I/N, P/L/L Abstraction, 60 Buckets all streets. 86.65gb RAM required to view all streets.

Format Information

Full Mkr files ready to load into MonkerSolver


All formats of this solution can be downloaded for free in the "My Solutions" section of the website.

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