Solved Ranges

8max 10bb MTT PreFlop + PostFlop Addon

8max 10bb MTT PreFlop + PostFlop Addon

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Opening RFI/3bet and defence - for 10bb MTT 1bb ante.

Sizings solved for

Limp, 2x open, 2.5x iso IP vs LP limp, 2.8x OOP, All in 3bet.

All Postflop Ranges Available for:

8-max 10bb bb-ante

BTN Call SB 2.8bb BTN Call
UTG Call BTN 2.5bb UTG Call
UTG 2.0bb BTN Call BB Fold
SB Call BB 2.5bb SB Call
UTG 2.0bb SB Call BB Fold
UTG 2.0bb BB Call
UTG Call BB Call
BTN Call BB Call
SB Call BB Call

Solver Configuration Details

Postflop: Solved to 0.35-0.5% exploitability.

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