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10bb MTT Heads-Up Preflop + Flop Addon

10bb MTT Heads-Up Preflop + Flop Addon

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$99/year (One off charge of $50)

Opening RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet and defence - Heads-Up for 10bb MTT.

Plus instant access to instant strategy advice from Piosolver sims - we've ran each flop individually at high accuracy in Piosolver using the solved preflop ranges for each spot to provide you with optimal strategy advice postflop - instantly!

View Bet/check Frequencies, most common sizings, equities and frequencies for each size. Know how often to cbet and which size to use for every flop.

Sizings solved for

Limp: 1bb, 75%, All In. SRP 1bb, 40%, 75%, All in. Donk bet option on all streets.

All Flops Available for:

SB Call BB Call