Preflop Ranges

Pokermaster 10/20/40 No Ante 8000 Stack

Solved Ranges for Pokermaster 10/20/40 No Ante 8000 Stack, as Preflop Solution Images


Opening RFI/3bet/4bet and defence ranges, multiway and headsup. Three blind structure 10/20/40, with a stack size of 8000. All 8 players active!

Sizings solved for

2.5x open, 3.4x 3bet IP+ callers, 4.4x 3bet OOP+callers, IP 4bet 2.3x, OOP 4Bet 2.65x. IP 5bet 2.2x, OOP 5bet 2.5x. 6bet All in. SB, BB Limp allowed. Blinds Pot sized open.

Format Information

RangeConverter Strategy Images, showing you what action to take and at what frequency with every hand. No software required.


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