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4max 100bb 16% ante

Solved Ranges for 4max 100bb 16% ante, as PioSolver Stategy Charts

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Opening RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet and defence - Heads-Up and multiway spots for 4-Max 100bb NL 16% ante, 5% rake capped at 1bb

Sizings solved for

2.5bb open, 3BET IP 3x, 4x OOP. Squeeze 5.2x, 5.6x vs 2 callers. 4bet vs Squeeze MIN (28bb or Jam).4bet IP 2.3x, 4bet OOP 2.6x SB vs BB: SB Limp, BB 3.5x, SB 11.5bb, BB 25bb. SB RFI 3.5bb, BB 10.5bb, SB 26bb or All in.

Format Information

PioSolver Strategy Charts, showing you what action take and at what frequency with every hand. No PioSolver license required.


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