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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between trees, ranges and strategy charts? How do I know what's right for me?

Ranges tell you the percentage of combinations of hands you have at that part of the gametree, strategy charts tell you at what frequency you should take an action.

For example: 8max 20bb, UTG opens, folds to BTN who flats AA 80%, and goes all in 20%. In this instance BTN flats, BB jams, and UTG folds. The calling range for BTN would now show 80% AA (as that is the total combinations of AA BTN has), whereas the preflop chart would show Call 100%, advising that for all combos of AA BTN has, he should call at 100% frequency. Preflop ranges are useful for both preflop and postflop work in PIO, whereas preflop charts for preflop strategy advice only. Trees contain both preflop ranges and strategy charts.

I've seen similar solutions elsewhere, what's the difference?

Our solutions are priced on the size of the gametree and the amount of RAM taken to solve, as this is the largest contributing factor to the cost. Unlike other websites we do not cut players from the tree - all our gametrees have all advertised actions for each player in the sim, we also do not use low accuracy settings to save RAM - we use 512gb servers and use the highest accuracy settings for each individual tree, ensuring the best possible results.

Do I need any expensive software to run these solutions?

Only a web browser is required for our online solutions. PIOSolver ranges and strategy charts are available to view for free in PioViewer, Monkerviewer ranges can also be viewed for free using Monkerviewer. Monkersolver saved runs will require a licensed copy of Monkersolver to run. Preflop solution images can be viewed on any device without any software.

Can I view them on my laptop?

All Ranges and Charts can be viewed on any laptop with only 1gb of RAM, Monkersolver saved runs will generally reqiure around 8gb to load.

What sizings were solved for in these solutions?

All sizing information is availabe on each individual solution page.

Can I just build these solutions myself?

Yes! If you have Monkersolver and up to 512gb of RAM (anywhere from 128gb is good, depending on how accurate and how many players you're solving for) you can build these solutions, we also offer private Monkersolver coaching at $150/hr, billed in 30 minute increments. We also have free guides available in the videos section.

How accurate are these solutions?

These solutions are monitored until all ranges have converged, meaning that when the ranges for each decision point stops changing the solution is ready, specific accuracy settings can be found on each solution page. We use the highest accuracy settings of any online provider of simulations, and create the largest game trees, without taking shortcuts. We're not here to build the cheapest possible solution, we're here for the best possible solution. For more information on Monkersolver accuracy see Monkersolver compare.

Isn't preflop too big to solve, what sorcery is going on here?

That's correct, it is too big for every possible size, but no sorcery is needed. Instead we solve for realistic opening sizes and responses that add the highest EV to the strategy, and remove branches that do not provide much value yet bloat the overall tree size, such as 100bb limping multiway (non ante), sb cold calling and cold calling 3 bets OOP.

Can I request custom solves?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us on twitter @rangeconverter, or via email on