GTO Live! tutorial

How to learn and practice poker with GTO Live! ?

Watch this short tutorial video to see how to use and get the most out of the GTO Live! and Pathways feature. 

You can also sign up at, head to the Lobby, find your game and try GTO Live! for free.

For more details about this GTO trainer read the instructions below.

Action buttons 

Choose your move with the action buttons. 
The correct answer is the highest frequency play and will be signaled by a green flash of light around the table. Read more about the feedback below.

New Hand & End Session

Press New Hand to skip the current hand and be dealt a new hand.
Press End Session to quit your session and exit the trainer.

Hand History panel

In the Hand History panel you can see and review the actions for every hand of your session. 
You will also find detailed feedback and frequencies for every decision and will be able to view strategy charts (hero’s and villain’s) and replay the spots.

Expanded decision nodes and feedback on every decision

Each hero decision is evaluated and color coded according to the deviation from the best action:
  • Green = Correct. Perfect!
  • Yellow = Small mixing error. Pretty good, but keep an eye on your frequencies.
  • Orange = Large mixing error. These should be low frequency plays only. You don't want too many of these.
  • Red = Blunder.  Big mistake! You should try to completely eliminate these from your game!

Click on any of the decision nodes to see frequencies of actions for the hand, or to view strategy charts or train the same spot again.

Strategy view & Repeat play

Click on Strategy to view the complete strategy for that spot. See how every hand in the range would be played. Press Resume to continue the session where you left off.
Click on Repeat to play the same spot again. With options to lock or change the hole cards or board.


Click on the padlock icon next to a player to lock training to that spot.
Only works whilst training Overall Skill or First In badges.
Disabled when training other Preflop or Postflop Key Skills, as positions are fixed.
Let’s say you want to practice UTG opening ranges. Click First In badge and then lock UTG’s padlock.

Trainer menu and controls

Click on the + or - next to the Menu icon to show or hide the extra controls for the trainer.
Customize your trainer experience through the functions in the menu.

My Session

See an overview of your session progress, with a breakdown of your evaluation.
It shows total hands played, highest streak, and a breakdown of accuracy, error types and postflop EV loss for the session.

View Sim

Switch seamlessly from the trainer to that exact spot in the Online Viewer to study the hand in more detail*.

*With Range Reg, the View Sim button will load the Simple Viewer and you will be able to browse the preflop ranges only. 

Create Drill

If you want to focus on a specific spot, you can set up a custom drill training of your choosing. 
To do that, click Create Drill, then use the action buttons to navigate to the spot you want to train, then click Start Drill to begin.
Press New Hand to exit the drill and continue normal session training.

Hand Filter

You can select specific hands you want to be dealt during your poker training session. 
Choose a specific range using the slider or range grid, or select Deal Playable Hands Only to not be dealt trash. 
After making a selection, press Save to train whilst being dealt cards from that range.

The hand filter works in live play, or when training the Overall Skill or First In badges in the Progress tab.

Turn & River run-outs

When getting to the postflop practice you may want to change turn or river run-outs. To do that simply click on the turn or the river cards on the game table during that street of play and select a different card.
You will continue playing the hand with the new turn or river instead.

This feature works great when replaying a hand (press Repeat in the HH) to practice playing the same spot with different run-outs.

Quick switch on/off features

Animations / Fast Play mode

With animations on, you see the actions of each player in turn like in a real online poker game. If you want the game to run faster, switch the animations off. 

Lock Hand, Lock Board and Lock Node

These are useful controls when replaying a hand from the session. They can be used in combination with each other.
To play a hand again, expand the hero decision and press Repeat.

Lock Hand switch allows you to play the same hand each time or be dealt a different hand.
Lock Board toggles either playing the same board each time or dealing different board cards each hand.
Lock Node allows you to drill the decision at that specific node without progressing through the hand.

Some examples of use:
  • Lock Hand and Lock Board off deals new hole cards and board cards in the same spot each hand.
  • Lock Hand on and Lock Board off to practice the same spot with the same hole cards on different boards.
  • Lock Hand off and Lock Board on to practice the same spot with different hole cards on the same board.


With Timer on, you can test your decision making under pressure. You have 10 seconds to make a decision!
The timer resets every time you make a decision. 
If you don't make a decision within the time limit, it adds to your stats as "timed out".
If you want to have unlimited time to think about your next move, turn the timer off.

RNG Mode

RNG mode helps you keep your frequencies in check.

With RNG off, your goal is to choose the highest frequency action for each spot.
With RNG on, you must base your decision on the RNG number displayed.

It works as follows:
Let's say you think you should be folding 30% of the time and calling 70% of the time with a certain hand.
The RNG helps to match those frequencies. 
If the RNG number is between 1-30, then Fold is the correct play.
If the RNG number is greater than 31, then Call is the correct play.

The RNG number always goes from least aggressive to most aggressive action:  fold -> call -> raise -> all in.

Sound on/off

If you don’t like the sound of poker chips :o or cards being mucked, you can turn the sound effects off. 

Progress panel

In the progress panel you can see a record of your progress in each of the key skills.
Key Skills are represented in the UI as a wall of badges to fill in and complete.
Click on a badge to train hands from just that category, e.g. First In in order to practice opening ranges.

Each of the badges fills up according to progress in that area.
Collect crowns as you play hands correctly in Key Skills categories.
The evaluation ring around a badge is colored according to average score.
The goal is to collect all 5 crowns with a green ring for each of the Key Skills badges.

Read more about Pathways and progress here

You now know everything about Range Converter GTO Live! Trainer.

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