Free demo, cancelling, upgrading

Is there a demo or a free trial?

You can try out Range Converter Online Viewer and GTO Live! Trainer for free. Just sign up at and head to the Lobby to see all the available sims for each game type.
Each listed sim comes with a free GTO trainer demo. You can access it by clicking the “Play Now” button.

In My Lobby tab you will also find the fully functional Online Strategy Viewer and GTO Live! Trainer for HU MTT 15bb. 

How to subscribe and what are the payment methods?

You can subscribe directly at or from the user’s Lobby if you already have signed up and have an account. Just choose between Range Reg and Range Pro and the subscription duration - yearly or monthly. You can pay with your credit card or use GPay.

The subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.

How to cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time. Just go to the Lobby and click Details (next to the pack name). You will see the Unsubscribe option in the pop up window.

We will be sorry to see you go and would love to know why. Maybe you can give us some feedback

Whenever you feel like coming back, just log in and renew your subscription.

Can I upgrade from Reg to Pro?

Yes, any time!
Head to My lobby and click on the game type tab you are subscribing to. Choose the subscription period and then click the “Upgrade to Pro” button.